What does a managed security service provider (MSSP) do?

A managed security service provider manages an organization’s day-to-day information technology security operations. MSSPs specialize in cybersecurity to monitor and protect corporate data.

At Bantam, it’s not one-size fits all, we work with you to build the right security solution for your needs!

Does the MSSP monitor cloud environments?

Yes, the MSSP can monitor and manage security within the cloud environment. We can build rule-sets specifically around your operational tempo and our AI will normalize business activity in a matter of minutes, allowing us to quickly identify anomalous activity and account behavior!

What detection capabilities does the MSSP have?

We can watch everything! We protect cloud, network, and endpoint environments and look for all sorts of things, including:

  • Privilege escalation
  • Defense evasion
  • Malicious persistence
  • Credential access
  • Propagation across devices
  • Unauthorized account access
  • Customized account monitoring rules (geolocation, time of day, etc.)

Does the MSSP protect against malware?

Our approach to cybersecurity protection starts before malware has the opportunity to gain access to your devices! Ideally, we’re helping get your team more aware of the risks out there with some training, setting up some anti-phish shields, and then we help analyze your environment and layer on the right protections needed for your organization.

When it comes to malware, our endpoint protection does a lot of the heavy lifting, auto-terminating malware, malicious activities, and suspected breaches - - but our 24/7 SOC analysts are always on-watch to dig into everything as it comes up!

What operating system does the MSSP support?

We support almost every major OS build – let us know what you’re running if you have any questions about coverage!

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